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Florian Thomas


Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 109, 1052 VW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 109,
1052 VW Amsterdam,

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Certified Advanced Rolfer 

Mind-Eye-Power Practitioner 

In 2007 after a serious car accident and a subsequent small trip in “therapists-land”, I met Rolfing. Already after the second session my pain was considerably lessened. The question arose in me, whether this method might be something that could have a greater impact on my life. 

After the tenth session I decided to go for the “Spectrum”, a fourteen-day Rolfing program for getting acquainted with the Rolfing method. 

In 2008 I followed an intensive program training and I am very happy that I took the decision of deepening my interest in Rolfing. Not only for myself, but also for my clients and the sessions that I go through with them. 

Seeing continuing education as the best way to remain informed and fresh in my work. 

After quite some workshops I did my advanced training in 2015. 

After many years and clients I am still passionate about the work. Rolfing satisfies those who come to get fixed, as well as those who come for more. For all the talk about holism, Rolfing is also remarkably effective at fixing physical problems. I have had clients who have developed healthy arches in their feet, scolioses dramatically improved, short legs getting longer, knee pain, neck pain and back pain disappearing, jaw-grinding stopping, migraines stopping, RSI symptoms improving significantly and so on. Although, it’s hard to give guarantees, Rolfing mostly achieves what it claims, namely it realigns the body and improves posture, something I think no other therapy really does. 

But Rolfing doesn’t just fix pain and improve posture. My clients often describe to me in many ways that they are clearer about themselves and their lives because of Rolfing. They have a sense of grounding, they stand up for themselves when previously they may have been pushed around, they deal with stress better. Some even describe the Rolfing experience as catalyzing a major life change or decision – changing jobs, improving a relationship, travelling, dedicating themselves to physical health by taking up Pilates or Yoga or improving nutrition. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of this work for me is being able to meet so many interesting people. Each has their own story. Each has come a long way before even doing the first Rolfing session. Each teaches me something. Each changes throughout the Rolfing.  

To be witness to all this and to be able to add a significant element in a person’s development means that Rolfing is always interesting, challenging and mysterious. I feel privileged to be in such a profession.